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The University of Delaware Center for Cybersecurity, Assurance and Privacy (CCAP) is a new University-wide center with its home in the College of Engineering.

Securing the cyberspace has evolved as one of the most complex engineering challenges we are facing today. From our national grid and utilities, to financial transactions and healthcare, cyberattacks have the potential to disrupt business operations and the daily lives of millions of citizens. Recent events, such as the devastating cyber incident of October 21, 2016 that exploited thousands of Internet-connected devices to disrupt the Internet in the United States, or the 2017 Equifax breach that leaked personal data of over 140M people, are evidence of the ingenuity and intricacy of contemporary cyberattacks. Since our daily lives continue to depend on modern computing platforms, it is imperative that we work on addressing the security and privacy risks of these platforms.

Our Mission

The Center for Cybersecurity, Assurance and Privacy (CCAP) at the University of Delaware is an interdisciplinary driver for innovation and research to defend the cyberspace, excellence in education of the cybersecurity workforce, and engagement with government agencies, industry partners and the general public on assurance and privacy challenges. The Center is dedicated to promoting cybersecurity awareness and information governance for organizations, accelerating transition to practice, as well as advancing the public discourse on cybersecurity policy and ethics.

The Center for Cybersecurity, Assurance and Privacy (CCAP) focuses on protecting cyberspace through innovative research, and preparing the next generation of security professionals through excellence in cybersecurity education.

The CCAP is establishing itself as a nationally competitive driver for grand cybersecurity challenges, including:

  • Privacy in cloud computing and healthcare
  • Security and assurance in financial transactions
  • Protection of our personal devices and digital identity
  • Defending the national infrastructure and resources